• 10-Year Anniversary

    Tim Profeta announces Nicholas Institute retrospective: Ten Years of Environmental Policy Impact

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  • Innovating for a Sustainable and Resilient Water Future

    A new report from the Nicholas Institute and the Aspen Institute identifies five near-term priorities to address the need for infrastructure upgrades and resilience building in U.S. water systems given climate change, population growth, new contaminants, and financial constraints.

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  • Implications of the Clean Power Plan for North Carolina Electricity Generation

    A new Nicholas Institute report says that to achieve Clean Power Plan targets, North Carolina will increasingly shift from coal-fired to natural gas-fired electricity generation, incurring a modest rise in resource costs but creating a potentially significant revenue stream.

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  • Region-wide Renewable Portfolio Standard Is Modeled

    Several attributes of the southeastern United States make it an important test bed for novel renewable energy policy interventions. A Nicholas Institute paper evaluates the environmental and economic implications of a hypothetical region-wide renewable portfolio standard with biomass carve-outs.

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  • Model Aids Analysis of Energy, Emissions, & Other Policies

    Two new papers describe the structure and data sources of the Nicholas Institute’s Dynamic Integrated Economy / Energy / Emissions Model used to examine policies related to the economy, energy, or greenhouse gas emissions as well as the macroeconomic impacts of policies affecting electricity generation.

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  • Federal Resource Management and Ecosystem Services Guidebook Launched

    A new online guidebook describes how an ecosystem services approach to planning and management can be useful for federal resource managers and provides a framework and methodology for ensuring consistent and credible application of ecosystem services concepts.

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  • Signed Peer Reviews as a Means to Improve Scholarly Publishing

    In a new article in the Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics, the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solution's Linwood Pendleton... Read More
  • Vulnerability and Adaptation of U.S. Shellfisheries to Ocean Acidification

    Ocean acidification is a global, long-term problem whose ultimate solution requires carbon dioxide reduction at a scope and scale that will take... Read More
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  • Adaptive Regulation of Pharmaceuticals

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  • Spring 2015 Seminar Series: Sikina Jinnah

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  • March 5, 2015
    First-Ever Direct Observation of Greenhouse Gas Increase
  • February 26, 2015
    First Rules for Arctic Drilling Released

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