• Guidebook to Launch at National Conference

    A new online guidebook describing how an ecosystem services approach to planning and management can be useful for federal resource managers will be unveiled at the A Community on Ecosystem Services Conference in December. It provides a framework and methodology for ensuring consistent and credible application of ecosystem services concepts.

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  • Water-Quality Trading Can Reduce River Pollution

    Allowing polluters to buy, sell, or trade water-quality credits could significantly reduce pollution in river basins and estuaries faster and at a lower cost than requiring the facilities to meet compliance costs on their own, a new Duke University-led study finds.

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  • Annual Report Released

    At the heart of the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions' mission is one clear objective: shaping policy making by educating decision makers and organizations about their choices. Our Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report showcases tools we are creating to improve decision making and effect positive change now and potentially decades into the future.

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  • Paper Assesses Mangrove Valuation Data

    A new Nicholas Institute paper identifies gaps in data and knowledge regarding mangrove ecosystem services valuations and recommends ways that future research could advance understanding of mangrove ecology, ecosystem services valuation, and conservation.  

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  • Reports Examine Using the Clean Air Act to Regulate Petroleum Refinery Emissions

    A new policy brief and companion working paper examine the extent to which some of the policies for regulating carbon emissions from electric generating units might be translatable to a greenhouse gas performance standard for petroleum refineries. 

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  • Optimizing the Scale of Markets for Water Quality Trading

    Allowing polluters to buy, sell or trade water-quality credits could significantly reduce pollution in river basins and estuaries faster and at a... Read More
  • Conditional Water Rights in the Western United States: Introducing Uncertainty to Prior Appropriation?

    In the prior-appropriation water rights regimes that prevail in the arid western United States, claims to annually variable surface water flows are... Read More
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  • 2014 Southeast Alternative Fuels Conference & Expo

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  • Power Trip: Environment Hall

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  • October 16, 2014
    U.S., Military to Plan More Strategically for Climate Change
  • October 9, 2014
    Studies Focus on Warming of Oceans

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