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Nicholas Institute Alumni Directory

Nicholas Institute Alumni Directory

The Nicholas Institute takes great pride in its breadth of current and former students and employees. Institute alumni have gone on to work across federal, state, and local government, education, nonprofits, and private enterprise. This directory provides current and prospective students, as well as fellow alumni, a sample of the range of career options and employers where our alumni are represented. It also serves as a way to connect with peers working in the environmental policy field.

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Alex Aines

I work in Monterey, CA for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Marine Scientist. The project I work on specifically is called the Fisheries Analytics Project. I assist in assessing the status of California's marine recreational finfish fisheries by statistically analyzing and evaluating fishery data and estimates. Before working for the Department and going to Duke, I received my B.S. from Santa Clara University, worked for Moss Landing Marine Lab, Bimini Biological Field Station, a couple of non-profits in the DC area, and did my Master's research with NOAA on tiger shark diet. I graduated from Duke with my MEM (CEM) degree in 2017.


Worked as an Ocean and Coastal Policy Program Assistant. Researched and created literature reviews on topics such as tuna fisheries in the Pacific, Chinese fisheries, global status of tuna stocks in each ocean, and policies on small-scale fisheries in coastal nations.

Madeline Atkins

Madeline Atkins is an analyst in Carollo's Utility Advisory Services group, located in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in financial analysis and modeling, data analytics, and data visualization using advanced tools such as R, Tableau, and Power BI. During her time at Carollo, she has contributed to a variety of asset management, cost of service analysis, and rate study projects. Ms. Atkins is a strategic team member who brings her expertise in financial analysis and a data-driven approach to help produce effective solutions for the many technical challenges that water and wastewater utilities face.


I worked as a water finance graduate research assistant though the Nicholas School.

Chelsea Baldino

As a Researcher on the ICCT Fuels team, I advise and conduct technical analyses for policymakers and other interested stakeholders to help reduce the greenhouse gas impact of liquid and gaseous fuels in Europe and Indonesia.


I analyzed NEPA documents for benefit-relevant indicators for alignment with Federal Resource Management using Ecosystem Services guidelines with Dr. Lydia Olander.

Jack Beuttell


I was a student blogger.

Britta Bradshaw

Britta Bradshaw is a Principal Analyst in PG&E's Structured Transactions group, focused on commercial strategy and contract structuring to procure energy to supply PG&E's 16 million customers, with a focus on clean energy and energy storage. Britta has been at PG&E for 7 years and held many roles, including in corporate sustainability and customer- and utility-scale renewable energy strategy and planning. Prior to PG&E, Britta received her MEM in Environmental Economics and Policy with a focus on energy from Duke, interned at the United Nations, and received a Bachelor's degree from Princeton.


Research assistant to Brian Murray on environmental economics and policy, focusing on opportunities for wetland carbon stores.

Eric Brawner

At Duke, I studied business and the environment, entrepreneurialism, data analysis, and environmental science. My work has taken me from the Costa Rican jungle, to the Channel Islands National Park, to the rivers and streams of California and Oregon. My latest work has been helping with scientific research to reduce greenhouse gas and water pollution caused by fertilizer in agriculture.


I assisted with research for natural resource policy work. I also helped with scientific research to reduce pollution from fertilizer in agriculture.

Willa Brooks

Willa works as a Fisheries Analyst at Global Fishing Watch analyzing fish carrier vessel AIS data in efforts to bring transparency to transshipment activities on the high seas. Previously, Willa worked at Duke University on the Illuminating Hidden Harvests project; a collaboration with Duke, the FAO and WorldFish seeking to provide a global perspective on the contributions and impacts of small-scale fishing. Willa received her Master's in Environmental Management with a certificate in Geospatial Analysis from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment in 2019. For her masters research, Willa worked with World Wildlife Fund to develop and employ an evidence map protocol aimed at systematically reviewing existing literature evaluating social and/or ecological impacts of conservation interventions in mangrove ecosystems or near by human populations. Prior to attending Duke, Willa worked at sea as a fishery observer.


At the Nicholas Institute I supported research investigating how/if transport shipping could be considered a "keystone actor" in the marine ecosystem. I also supported a literature review on aquaculture with Xavier Basurto and Abagail Bennett.

Aaron Bryant

I have worked as Energy Markets and Regulatory Analyst for White & Case LLP, a leading international law firm, in the five years following my graduation from Duke. At White & Case, I lead various business development and thought leadership initiatives, write articles for external and internal publication, and research a broad range of legal and regulatory matters for clients in the utilities, power, and renewables market segments.


Under the direction of Amy Pickle, I developed a comprehensive database of state-level laws and policies governing the practice of hydraulic fracturing. I researched a number of strategies that legislatures and regulatory bodies deployed in their respective oil and gas sectors.

Noah Chesnin

I'm the Associate Director for the NY Seascape Program, the conservation program of the Wildlife Conservation Society's New York Aquarium.


Adrien Comte

Adrien Comte is an ecological economist, interested in topics at the interface of science and policy. With an interdisciplinary approach, his research focuses on sustainability, ecosystems accounting, and the impacts of global environmental change on social-ecological systems. He is currently working on the development of ecosystem accounts for the marine environment in France and on the development of strong sustainability indices in New-Caledonia. Previously, he conducted research on coral reefs, where solution-oriented research can help understand the impacts of climate change on the populations dependent on these ecosystems and how to prepare the adaptation of societies to these changes.


I worked on the economics of climate change under the supervision of Brian Murray. I designed a course on the economics of climate change adaptation, specifically looking at sea level rise. I also drafted a paper on the linking of California and Québec cap-and-trade systems.