June 8, 2022

Bait to Plate: Making Fishing Supply Chains More Transparent

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

In a new commentary in 360info, John Virdin, Director of the Ocean and Coastal Policy Program, explains how illegal fishing threatens small-scale fishers and the global fishing industry's sustainability efforts. Virdin says lessons from transparency initiatives in the fashion, timber, and oil and gas industries could help end illegal fishing.

The commentary highlights insights from a study published by Virdin and co-authors Tibor Vegh (Nicholas Institute), Blake Ratliff (Stimson Center), Elizabeth Havice (UNC Department of Geography), and Jack Stuart (World Food Policy Center) in Marine Policy in February 2022: "Combatting Illegal Fishing through Transparency Initiatives: Lessons Learned from Comparative Analysis of Transparency Initiatives in Seafood, Apparel, Extractive, and Timber Supply Chains."