April 9, 2021

Blue Dot: How to Raise China's Infrastructure Climate Standards

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

The U.S. has recently signaled that it is ready to respond to the economic and geopolitical threats posed by China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a trillion-dollar global infrastructure investment program. To be truly successful, however, this effort would need to not simply match China’s Belt and Road—it would need to offer a better product.

The Blue Dot Network is a fledgling effort by the U.S., Japan, and Australia to develop a globally accepted standard for certifying sustainable infrastructure projects. A U.S.-led program to invest in Blue Dot-certified projects could be an alternative to China's Belt and Road Initiative for developing countries, while spurring China to live up to its promise of a "green" BRI, writes Nicholas Institute senior fellow Liz Losos in an op-ed for The Hill.