February 27, 2018

Duke University Introduces Energy Access Project in D.C.

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
Duke University Introduces Energy Access Project in D.C.

Leaders from business, government, civil society and academia convened in Washington, D.C., on February 23 to explore one of the world's most pressing challenges at Accelerating Global Energy Access, the formal introduction to Duke University's Energy Access Project.

Nearly a third of humanity lacks reliable electricity and three billion people are without clean fuels and technologies for cooking. At the event, Energy Access Project staff and sector leaders examined ways to tackle the energy access challenge in conversation on the use of renewables, so-called last mile electrification, and financing to support viable pathways to sustainable and modern energy solutions for all. Read Energy Access Project director Jonathan Phillips seven takeaways from the gathering.

Highlighting the event agenda was a keynote address by Jim Rogers former CEO and chairman of the board for the electric utility Duke Energy and an advocate for universal electricity access. With his wife M.A. Rogers, he gave $1.5 million that was matched with $750,000 from the Bass Connections Challenge to support the project’s goal of accelerating deployment of sustainable energy and empowering the world through expanded energy access.

Key Duke collaborators in Duke's Energy Access Project include the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, the Duke University Energy Initiative, the Sanford School of Public PolicyBass Connections, and the Nicholas School of the Environment.

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Members of the media interested in speaking with Energy Access Project staff should contact Erin McKenzie, 919.613.3652 or erin.mckenzie@duke.edu.
Photo credits: Laurence Genon.