June 2, 2021

EDF Announces Advisory Council to Tackle Large-Scale Marine Technology Solutions

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

The Environmental Defense Fund announced it has formed a high-level advisory council made up of leading experts from multiple countries who will focus their attention on accelerating technological progress toward greater ocean conservation, ecosystem health, and sustainable marine fisheries. John Virdin, director of the Ocean and Coastal Policy Program at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, is among the council members.

The Oceans Technology Solutions Advisory Council is the first of its kind, dedicated to reimagining how technology can be developed, deployed, and scaled in order to bring about triple bottom line results to tackle some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing our oceans.

Initially, the advisory council will set their sights on solving large, difficult challenges such as how low-cost technologies can help to incentivize small-scale fisheries to rebuild overfished stocks in the absence of effective regulation and enforcement. “Ultimately, if any new technology is to be successful, it requires people to understand its benefits and begin to adopt it,” said Virdin.

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