October 30, 2019

Nicholas Policy Boot Camps Aim to Bridge the Gap Between Students and Government

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Push-ups are being replaced by policy at the Nicholas Institute’s boot camps. 

Aimed at increasing student fluency in engaging with policy making institutions, the boot camps will draw from the experience of four policy experts and cover ways to engage with Congress, federal agencies and international institutions, reports The Chronicle.

Tim Profeta, director of the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, kicked off the first boot camp Oct. 25 to focus on the workings of Congress.

“Everybody can look up on the Internet as to how Congress is structured and everybody has watched Schoolhouse Rock on how a bill becomes a law,” Profeta told The Chronicle. “But knowing which staff on the Hill to go to, and what is the rhythm of the institution, when to engage a member's office versus a committee—those are another level of how the institution works.”