Spring 2013 Seminar Series: Shelia Walsh

Shelia Walsh, senior scientist with the Nature Conservancy, will present a talk titled "Incorporating the Value of Nature into Business Decisions." 

Businesses are recognizing that to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy they must understand their dependence and impacts on ecosystems. At the same time, the conservation community recognizes that conservation will not succeed without business. Motivated by shared goals, The Nature Conservancy and The Dow Chemical Company teamed together to advance ecosystem service science and help the business community incorporate the value of nature into global business goals, strategies and decisions. Scientists at these organizations are working at three pilot sites to test the hypothesis that better information on ecosystem services and biodiversity will improve both business and conservation outcomes. Walsh will present results from the first pilot site in Freeport, Texas and preview the science from the second pilot site in Santa Vitoria, Brazil.