Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Water and Climate Change in Africa Workshop

Date and Time
Friday, March 22, 2013 - 8 a.m. to Saturday, March 23 - 5 p.m.
The Garage, Smith Warehouse, Duke University
Water and Climate Change in Africa Workshop


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This two-part workshop will bring together experts from a variety of disciplinary perspectives to focus on Water and Climate Change in Africa. The first part, to take place on World Water Day (March 22), will focus on water, sanitation and health in Africa. The second part, on March 23, will focus on water, food security and climate change.

These workshops will aim to address how climate change could affect water availability and quality in Africa and hence food security; how climate change will affect the long-term health impacts of rural communities as water availability and quality may shift; what coping mechanisms communities have to deal with the health effects of inadequate water quality and climate change impacts; and how socio-political variables such as governance institutions and rules mediate food insecurity and health impacts. These workshops are also expected to generate knowledge about how water, health, and climate may or may not be linked to development and poverty in Africa. 

The event is sponsored by the Duke Provost’s Office, USAID, the Duke Africa Initiative, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, the Duke Global Health Institute, Nicholas School of the Environment, and Borderwork(s) Lab at the Franklin Humanities Institute.

This gathering is in compliance with our understanding of the requirements and restrictions of the North Carolina Ethics Act and Lobbying Law, NCGS §138A-32(e).