Large Power Outages of Long Duration: Assessing and Reducing the Risks

M. Granger Morgan, Hamerschlag University Professor of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, will present "Large Power Outages of Long Duration: Assessing and Reducing the Risks" at Duke University's LaBarre Auditorium, Social Science 139 March 30.

While we should do everything within reason to avoid large blackouts of the power system, there is no way that such events can be completely eliminated. Large outages have happened in the past as a result of ice storms, hurricanes, and operator error. In the future other causes such as large solar mass ejections and perhaps terrorist physical and cyber attack could also give rise to large outages of long duration. Morgan will discuss a recent U.S. National Academies study on this topic, touching on strategies based on “smart grid technology."

This talk is part of the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and the University Program in Environmental Policy seminar series featuring leading experts discussing a variety of pressing environmentally focused topics. This talk is also sponsored by the Risk@Duke Interdisciplinary Community Planning Project.

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