Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Water System Auditing and Loss Control Workshop

Date and Time
Monday, October 10, 2011 - 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
1101 Gorman St., Raleigh, NC


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Duke University's Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions is co-sponsoring a workshop focused on water efficiency October 10 at the Jane S. McKimmon Center in Raleigh.

Best-practices for Water Auditing and Loss Control, as developed by the American Water Works Association, are beginning to take hold among water systems in the Southeast and across the nation.  Water Auditing and Loss Control programs are the most effective ways for a utility to conserve water, save operating expenses, and increase revenues.  The State of Georgia now requires Water Auditing from its public water utilities, and policymakers in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia are considering the Georgia model.  In North Carolina over 30 systems have recently embraced these best-practices for Water Auditing and Loss Control, and the results are compelling. 

Join us on October 10th for "Water System and Loss Control" where the operational, financial and regulatory perspectives come together to present the state of water efficiency in the industry, and where it goes from here.  Presentations will include lessons learned from other NC utilities over the short-term, systems outside NC over the long-term, funding options for performing audits, and a look at the regulatory momentum in the Southeast.  A demonstration on the AWWA Free Water Audit Software will also be included.