Focal Areas

Economic Modeling of Energy Policy, Technology

The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions develops and maintains a wide variety of economic and energy models that clarify the impacts of regulatory and investment options. These models help policy makers evaluate—and public utilities and businesses adapt to and capitalize on—new and evolving environmental and energy policies.

Our custom-designed models are used in research and teaching at Duke University as well as in analyses by public and private sector decision makers. In collaboration with Duke faculty, we develop and apply the models to rigorously examine complex issues and deliver objective and timely policy insight with attention to an issue’s many angles.

We have access to a complementary suite of models—both custom-created and available through strategic alliances with other research institutions—that allow us to investigate:

  • The U.S. energy sector and greenhouse gases
  • The global economy
  • Network optimization of the carbon dioxide pipeline
  • Electric power resource planning
  • Bioenergy analysis
  • Land use allocation
  • Carbon market modeling
  • Economic and environmental impacts of policies at regional, national, and global scales