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Efficient and Sustainable Agricultural Production


The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions is exploring how to reduce the negative environmental impacts of agriculture while maintaining production sufficient to feed the world’s growing population through two areas of research: Nitrogen Management in Agriculture and Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Management.

Over the course of several years, the Technical Working Group on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (T-AGG), led by the Nicholas Institute, synthesized relevant science on how agricultural management could reduce greenhouse gas emissions or enhance carbon sequestration to inform everything from agricultural policy to the design of agricultural carbon offsets protocols. T-AGG analysis provided an in-depth review of the agricultural science, economics, and policy design issues for greenhouse gas management in US croplands and livestock. It also delved into improving quantification of agricultural greenhouse gases in developing countries and provided key scientific input to protocol design for agricultural greenhouse gas reduction in California’s emerging carbon market.

Building from the T-AGG synthesis, our research on Nitrogen Management in Agriculture provides an updated and more robust analysis of how agricultural management practices can reduce harmful nitrogen losses to the air and water.