Focal Areas

Fisheries and Food Security

To sustainably feed 9.6 billion people, overfished stocks must be rebuilt and the production and environmental performance of aquaculture must be increased. The Ocean and Coastal Policy Program houses the Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum, which supports the federal fisheries management process by creating professional networks, building capacity, and facilitating the exchange of ideas and information across disciplines and management regions.

Collectively, the tuna stocks of the western and central Pacific Ocean form one of the world’s largest and most valuable fisheries, providing a critical source of revenues and economic benefits for the region’s island nations. The many countries and fleets involved in this global tuna value chain make governance of the stocks for poverty reduction and sustainability an incredibly complex task. As a science-to-policy advisory facility, it is working with the World Bank to assist decision makers in countries in the western and central Pacific Ocean to sustainably govern the use of tuna resources and to identify the key policy decisions needed to ensure well-managed and sustainable tuna fisheries.