For Media

Journalists may contact our staff directly, however, the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions’ communications office often can help expedite requests. Please contact us to arrange interviews, on-campus recording locations, and parking.

Duke Media Guidelines
Duke University welcomes news media to campus. All commercial, non-news photography or videotaping must be approved in advance by the Office of News & Communications. 

Studio space is available on campus for live or pre-recorded television and radio interviews. For television interviews, we have a direct fiber link to Microspace Communications Corporation (Raleigh, NC) for uplinking to C- and KU- band satellite, as well as VYVX fiberoptic, LTN, and The Switch for television.

For radio interviews, we have ISDN connectivity and use a Telos Zephyr. Most codecs can be transmitted. We generally use the NPR standard, L2 Mono 128.

Annual Report
The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions' annual report highlights work to help decision makers create timely, effective and economically practical solutions to the world’s critical environmental challenges.