Who We Are

Our Vision

Connecting water data to enhance data-driven decision-making for water sustainability.

Our Mission

To facilitate the opening, sharing, and integration of water data between data producers, hubs, and users by coordinating efforts, articulating a clear vision for policies and procedures to share data, demonstrating the value of integrating water data, and providing technical and non-technical resources.

Our Story

In 2015 the Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum focused on big data in the water sector.  What came out of this meeting was the idea that, while it may not be possible to have a national water policy, it is possible to have a national water data policy. From there, several philanthropic foundations funded an effort between the Aspen Institute, Nicholas Institute, and Redstone Strategy Group to convene a dialogue between diverse stakeholders (utilities, agriculture, federal government, non-governmental organizations, software developers, and so on) to discuss what  barriers exist and what next steps are needed to improve our water data infrastructure. From that conversation came the 2017 Internet of Water report. We are now working to implement the recommendations made in the report.

Our People

Meet the Staff

The staff are the folks who will be doing the day-to-day work to implement the IoW.

Peter Colohan

Peter Colohan - Executive Director - Peter Colohan comes to us from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where he served most recently as the Director of Service Innovation and Partnership at the Office of Water Prediction. Peter is passionate about bringing together powerful coalitions of people, sectors, and organizations to solve problems. He is fascinated by every aspect of water, especially rivers, reservoirs, and aquifers and how they relate to ideas of identity and place. A great lover of maps, he is naturally enthusiastic about how maps and data can build a common starting point of truth for solving water problems. At NOAA, Peter was a key advocate for the National Water Model, and the creation of the NOAA Water Initiative. Peter was also an enthusiastic participant in the Aspen Dialogue Series on Water Data, co-led by the Nicholas Institute that led to the creation of the Internet of Water. From 2010-2014, Peter served as the Assistant Director for Environmental Information within the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy under President Barack Obama, where he worked closely with federal agencies responsible for climate, water and environmental science and technology.

Martin Doyle Martin Doyle - Director of the Water Policy Program at the Nicholas Institute. Martin wears a lot of metaphorical hats and knows a lot about water and a lot about people. He is an Internet of Water People and as a big picture thinker he has tirelessly worked to bring the Internet of Water to life.
Lauren Patterson Lauren Patterson - Senior Water Policy Associate at the Nicholas Institute. Lauren loves water and she loves data and she loves visualizing water data in action. The Internet of Water marries the two together and she is happier than a fish swimming in free-flowing headwaters to be a part of the team.
Person image placeholder Ashley Ward - Communications Outreach / Engagement Specialist
Person image placeholder Data Architect / Data Scientist (TBD) - Position description

Meet the Advisory Group

The advisory group are the folks helping to set the strategic vision for the IoW. The advisory group will consist of 10-14 individuals once fully formed.

Jerald Bales Jerad Bales - Executive Director, Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. - CUAHSI
Kelly Bennett Kelly Bennett - Co-Founder & President, B3 (formerly Water Sage)
Al Cho Al Cho - Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Infrastructure Analytics, Xylem, Inc.
Martin Doyle Martin Doyle (Chair) - Director of the Water Program, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University
Greg Gearheart Greg Gearheart - Deputy Director, Office of Information Management and Analysis, California State Water Resources Control Board
Person image placeholder Sam Hermitte - Assistant Deputy Executive Administrator of Water Science and Conservation, Texas Water Development Board
Sara Larson Sara Larsen - Program Manager, Water and Data Exchange (WaDE), Western States Water Council
Emily Read Emily Read, Chief, Web Communications Branch, United States Geological Survey
Dwane Young Dwane Young, Chief, Water Data Integration Branch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Meet Our Funders

The launch of the Internet of Water is made possible by the generous financial support of the following organizations:

Bechtel Foundation
Kingfisher Foundation
Mitchell Foundation
Moore Foundation
Pisces Foundation
Walton Foundation