Clémentine Baldon and Hugo Partouche: The French Climate Case: “The Case of the Century”

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Clémentine Baldon and Hugo Partouche are both French lawyers representing two of the environmental NGOs (the Fondation Nicolas Hulot and Notre Affaire A Tous, respectively) in the climate lawsuit brought against the French government. In their presentation, Ms. Baldon and Mr. Partouche introduced their lawsuit, which they call “the case of the century”. They insisted on the large public mobilization campaign that was launched alongside the lawsuit, and detailed their litigation strategy aimed at forcing the government to implement the ambitious climate objectives it has set for itself. In the interview, they further elaborated on their objectives to advance areas of environmental law, their choice to bring a tortious action and yet to claim only a symbolic euro as compensation, as well as the immediate impact that the lawsuit had in triggering the establishment of a participatory citizens climate convention by the president and a new legislative proposal. Importantly, the Paris Administrative Court found in February with the plaintiffs that the French state responsible for failing to fully meet its goals in reducing greenhouse gases and ordered further investigations to determine what actions it may order the French government to take to redress and prevent further aggravation of the damage caused.

 Clémentine Baldon和Hugo Partouche两位法国律师分别代表两个环保非政府组织(Nicolas Hulot基金会和Notre Affaire A Tous)对法国政府提起气候诉讼。Baldon女士和Partouche先生在发言中介绍了他们称之为 "世纪之案"的诉讼案件。他们坚持在诉讼的同事发起大规模的公众动员行动,并详细阐述了他们的诉讼策略,旨在迫使政府执行它为自己设定的雄心勃勃的气候目标。在采访中,他们进一步阐述了他们推动环境法领域发展的目标,他们选择提起侵权诉讼,却只要求象征性的一欧元作为赔偿,以及该诉讼对引发总统发起的参与式公民气候大会和一项新的立法提案的直接影响。重要的是,巴黎行政法院在2月与原告一起认定,法国对未能完全实现其减少温室气体的目标负有责任,并下令采取进一步调查,以确定它可以命令法国政府采取何种行动来纠正和防止进一步的损害。

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法国气候案例: “世纪案例”