What He'll Bring in the Spring: The President's Climate Pledges and the U.S. Senate -- Science Insider

Soon after Barack Obama was elected president, congressional climate change advocates set their sights on passing a cap-and-trade bill in time for him to bring a firm U.S.commitment on emissions reductions to this week's climate meeting in Copenhagen.

POLITICS: 'Cap and dividend' gets some favorable scrutiny

A new climate bill is being touted by supporters for its simplicity. But the politics and lobbying surrounding the proposal are getting more complicated.

LEGISLATION: 3 key senators offer their version of a 'framework' for a climate law

A bipartisan trio of Senate leaders released a new framework yesterday for a climate bill that raises as many questions as it provides answers.

Director Calls Climate Framework "Last, Best Chance for a More Complete Solution"

Today, the Senate's new climate leadership troika unveiled their new framework for legislation. Senators John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman cover the most significant and consequential issues remaining for they and their colleagues to consider before voting on legislation.

Fossil-fuel gases are a threat, EPA says -- The Charlotte Observer

Federal regulators declared Monday that greenhouse gases threaten public health, setting the stage for global climate talks in Denmark that will involve N.C. academics, environmentalists and Charlotte-based Duke Energy.

EPA plan to regulate greenhouse gases gets criticism, cheers in Texas -- The American Chronicle

The Environmental Protection Agency said Monday that greenhouse gases spewed by power plants, oil refineries and vehicles constitute a public health threat, a verdict that positions the government to set new limits on global-warming emissions.

Hagan avoids specifics on Senate hopefuls -- The News & Observer

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan said last week that she has spoken with all three declared and potential Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate, but she avoided questions about whether she's encouraging Cal Cunningham to run.

New water meters get mixed views -- The Cary News

A $17.9 million metering system approved by the Cary Town Council could save the town and its water customers millions of dollars over the next two decades, according to town officials.

Carbon Credits Spell New Future for Forests

Brian Murray, director for economic analysis, is quoted in this San Antonio Express article on carbon credits.

Leaky tanks drain state's money -- The News & Observer

North Carolina is struggling to find money to clean up thousands of underground tanks that are leaking gas and oil into the dirt and water.