Climate legislation will not create a rush to gas -- Climate Wire

Climate legislation will not cause a surge in natural gas demand, despite the worries of some policymakers and businesses, according to a new report.

Public Trust Doctrine Could Aid Management of U.S. Oceans

Since Congress lifted a moratorium on offshore drilling last year, federal lawmakers have grappled with the issue of how best to regulate U.S. ocean waters to allow oil, wave and wind energy development, while sustainably managing critical fisheries and marine animal habitats.

Editorial: The challenge of water -- News and

The economy is still in a drought, but nature has been kinder to the Triad lately. There's been plenty of rain.

Saving Water Means Spending Money: Raleigh Discusses Rate Increases As Customers Keep on Conserving --

Jane Rogers is among the many Raleigh residents who have continued to practice the water conservation habits they adopted during the last drought.

How collaboration replaced conflict in Roanoke basin -- News and

From 1984 to 1991 -- for seven years -- North Carolina sued the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in federal court to block a permit that enabled the city of Virginia Beach to transfer 60 million gallons of water per day from Lake Gaston on the Roanoke River 76 miles to Virginia Beach. North Carolina ultimately lost.

Unlike N.C., water issues take high priority in Georgia -- News and

North Carolina and Georgia have much in common. Both have coastal, piedmont and mountain regions. Each state has 9 million citizens and is projected to have more than 12 million by 2030. Both have worked hard to diversify their economies. Both are major producers of food and fiber. Each state has sprawling metropolitan areas and struggling small towns and counties. Both also have major population centers located in the piedmont with headwaters streams and limited groundwater resources.

Will N.C. have enough water? -- News and

Water: It's essential to life itself. We drink it. We wash with it. We cool our power plants with it. We grow our food with it. We manufacture with it. We dispose of our waste in it. It sustains both our environment and our economy.

Greensboro developing a resilient water system -- News and

Much of the South's post-war population growth has followed the Piedmont Crescent from the Research Triangle region through the Triad, Charlotte, Upstate South Carolina, Atlanta to Birmingham. The cities and counties of "Rallatantingham" are located in the headwaters of streams on fractured bedrock with relatively small amounts of surface water and ground water available to them.

Recession may delay U.S. bill on emissions limits -- Reuters

U.S. lawmakers took a big step forward on climate change legislation this week, but the cratering economy makes it unlikely Congress will approve a controversial cap and trade system this year.

Markey Taps FERC Over CFTC as U.S. Carbon Market Fuels Turf War -- Bloomberg

U.S. Representative Edward Markey says his committee should be in charge. No, says fellow Democrat Collin Peterson, this one should fall under my panel.