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Energy Data Resources
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Energy Data Resources

This collection of energy data sources and tools for data analysis was supported in part by the National Science Foundation Award No. 1937137, a collaboration among the World Resources Institute, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute, and Duke University. We do not endorse or provide any guarantees about the data or information listed below.

Title Publisher Description Type Topic
Electric Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure Imagery Dataset Duke University Benchmark dataset for automated detection of electricity transmission and distribution systems (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric Transmission Lines Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Infrastructure Foundation - Level Data (HIFLD) This dataset contains the locations and attributes of electric power transmission lines including underground transmission lines where data was available. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric Utility Industry Financial Data and Trend Analysis Edison Electric Institute (EEI) EEI represents a wide range of industry financial metrics and data covering the U.S. investor-owned electric utility companies. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Justice40 Map Tool Argonne National Laboratory Mapping tool for EV charging infrastructure as part of the Justice40 Initiative, supporting the "goal that at least 40 percent of the overall benefits of certain Federal investments flow to disadvantaged communities (DACs)" (Licensing) Platform Transportation
Electric Vehicle Market Data Atlas EV Hub Data on electric vehicles in the US (Licensing) Platform Transportation
Electricity Access, Asia and the Pacific IEA A map showing data of electricity access in Asia and the Pacific. (Licensing) Platform Access
Electricity Access Impact Research Harvard Dataverse Replication Data for: The Need for Impact Evaluation in Electricity Access Research (Licensing) Dataset Access
Electricity Consumption & Occupancy (ECO) Distributed Systems Group The ECO data set is a comprehensive data set for non-intrusive load monitoring and occupancy detection research. It was collected in 6 Swiss households over a period of 8 months. (Licensing) Dataset Building
Electricity Data Browser (Power Plants) EIA A map of the United States that provides visualization and data on power plants by state. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Electricity Generation Map American Society of Civil Engineers A map of the United States that helps visualize the intensity at which states use specific energy sources. (Licensing) Platform Efficiency
Electricity Generator Construction cost data EIA Construction cost figures and tables for all generators installed in 2018. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electricity Maps Electricity Maps A map of the globe that displays carbon intensity by electrical generation for production and consumption in select locations and countries. (Licensing) Platform Environment
Electricity Markets and Policy Group: US Energy Interactive Visualizations Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Interactive visualizations of renewable energy potentials and markets in the United States. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Electricity Statistics Information (Japan) Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan Energy statistics data for Japan. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
Electricity Supply and Demand North American Electric Reliability Cooperation Dataset of the North American electrical supply and demand for bulk power systems. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electricity Supply & Demand North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) Data for the North American bulk power system (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative Prayas Energy Group An interactive map of India and Bangladesh that monitors live electricity supply. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Electrification Access in Sub-Saharan Africa Scientific Data A dataset that contains information for the electrification of Africa based on nighttime light, population, and land cover data. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Access
Electrification investment scenarios model platform Global Electrification Platform An interactive model that allows for the cost prediction to electrify select countries across the world using country specific cost estimators. (Licensing) Platform General
Electrified mini-grid localities in Africa African Association for Rural Electrification A database to track electric mini-grids in Africa. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) eGRID is a comprehensive source of data on the environmental characteristics of almost all electric power generated in the United States.  (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Environment
Emissions Sectoral Analysis Breakthrough Energy Emissions by sector and country (Licensing) Platform General
emPOWER HHS Data on the number of at-risk electricity-dependent Medicare beneficiaries in a geographic area (Licensing) Platform General
En-ROADS Climate Change Solutions Simulator Massachusetts Institute of Technology An interactive simulator that provides forecasting of carbon emissions and global temperatures based on different scenarios and methods of reducing our emissions. (Licensing) Platform Environment
ENACT - Energy Access Tool International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) A tool to visualize various scenarios needed to meet goals within multiple categories including electricity access, emissions, electricity demands, health impacts, etc. Applied to Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Pacific Asia. (Licensing) Platform Access, Environment
Energy Access Explorer WRI A toolkit to explore energy data in select African countries. Information ranges from energy supply details, demand needs, environmental conditions, and infrastructure information. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy and Climate Data Portal The Shift Project Data Portal A database containing datasets that pertain to both energy and climate data. Includes emissions, fossil fuel data, electricity production and consumption, etc. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy and Mineral Overview (Map) Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Indonesia) A map of Indonesia that allows for filters of energy resource locations. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy and Mining Data World Bank (WB) World Bank's World Development Indicator data focusing on energy production, use, dependency, and efficiency.  (Licensing) Dataset General
Energy Charting Tool BP A site that provides access to BP energy reports and datasets regarding their projects around the world. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy consumption in transport in IEA countries, 2018 IEA Energy efficiency and related charts for IEA countries. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy consumption of full electric vehicles Electric Vehicle Database A dataset to compare the energy consumption for fully electric vehicles. (Licensing) Platform Transportation
Energy Data Explorer Our World in Data Interactive tool to explore energy and electricity consumption data by country and by source (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Energy Data Request Program San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) The data sets contain customer energy usage data by customer type (Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural) that has been aggregated by zip code for the state of California. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Fuel
Energy Efficiency Data Hub European Commission A searchable database by the EU that provides data on energy efficiency including buildings, industry, heating and cooling, etc. by country, year, and budget range. (Licensing) Platform Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Dataset UC Irvine Dataset looking at energy efficiency of buildings by comparing heating and cooling loads on various building parameters. (Licensing) Dataset Building, Efficiency
Energy information and funding opportunities in Africa GET.invest Information center to discover energy and project financing options and energy market information for African countries. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy Information System (SIE) (Mexico) Secretary of Energy of Mexico (SENER) A database of energy sector information for Mexico. It includes energy statistics, specific fuel sources, energy efficiency, projections, etc. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy Justice Map Energy Justice Network A national map of the United States that displays the locations of infrastructure linked to environmental justice issues. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy Literacy:
US Supply to Consumption
Energy Literacy A flow chart tracking energy consumption and waste across multiple sectors. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy resource structure and on-going sustainable development policy in Nigeria: a review (Paper) SpringerLink Statistics and figures of Nigeria's energy industry including production and consumption information. (Licensing) Dataset General
Energy Resources Program US Geological Survey A collection of datasets obtained by the USGS pertaining to environmental and energy topics. (Licensing) Platform General, Environment
ENERGY STAR Certified Building and Plant Locator ENERGY STAR A tool to search for ENERGY STAR certified buildings based off of location or building type. (Licensing) Platform Efficiency
ENERGY STAR Certified Homes & Builders List ENERGY STAR A tool to locate ENERGY STAR builders, rates, and incentives based on the state. (Licensing) Platform Efficiency
ENERGY STAR Certified Product Data Sets and APIs ENERGY STAR Datasets for Energy Star certified products such as windows and air conditioners. Contains energy efficiency data. (Licensing) Platform Efficiency
Energy statistical datasheets for EU countries EU Open Data Portal A database of European countries energy statistics over time. Topics include energy balance, electricity production, heat production, cogeneration heat and power, energy markets indicators, transport fuels, main energy indicators, greenhouse gas emissions. (Licensing) Dataset General
Energy Statistics Database United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) Comprehensive energy statistics for UN countries on the production, trade, conversion and final consumption of primary and secondary; conventional and non-conventional; and new and renewable sources of energy. (Licensing) Discoverability Service General
Energy Statistics (Russia) Ministry of Energy (Russia) Energy statistics for Russia that can be filtered by product, data type, and date. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy Storage Facilities in Europe 2020 European Commission A map of energy storage facilities by type and CBI lead battery project locations in Europe and select other locations in the world. (Licensing) Platform Storage
Energy Storage Ninja EnergyStorage.Ninja A tool to help establish the lifetime cost of storage while given the ability to alter technology parameters. (Licensing) Platform Storage