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Climate-Informed Care
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Climate-Informed Care

The Heat Policy Innovation Hub is integrating healthcare and climate science to pioneer a climate-informed care model.

Despite the existence of practical steps to mitigate the impact of heat on health, awareness of heat risk and adoption of interventions is limited, resulting in poor health outcomes.

The provider-patient relationship offers a unique opportunity to raise awareness of heat risk and provide information about mitigation actions, particularly those that do not rely upon air conditioning.

Over the past two decades, healthcare delivery has been revolutionized by integration of social determinants of health data with electronic medical records. This provides much-needed context for improving risk assessment and prediction of healthcare utilization and health outcomes. A similar transformation is needed to improve health outcomes related to climate risks, particularly extreme heat.

The Heat Policy Innovation Hub aims to integrate vulnerability to extreme heat and climate data into electronic medical records to enhance patient safety, empower healthcare providers, and foster resilience in the face of escalating climate extremes.

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