This tool supplements a paper published in the Journal of Environmental Management: Transport of Hydraulic Fracturing Waste from Pennsylvania Wells: A County-Level Analysis of Road Use and Associated Road Repair Costs. The study quantified the costs to road infrastructure to transport waste to disposal facilities from unconventional oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania.

How to Use This Tool

The map below shows the location of disposal facilities in operation between 2010 and 2013. The user may filter the map by disposal type or time period, as well as overlay the modeled routes taken from wells to a disposal facility. Wells can be turned on by clicking on the layers symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the map. Click on a facility for further details.

The tab panel below the map shows 3 sets of maps similar to those provided in the paper. Truck Trips shows the number of truck trips (changes by period selected) by disposal type. Vehicle Miles Traveled shows the number of miles traveled by road type. Road Repair Costs shows the estimated costs of road repair. All maps can be clicked on for more details.

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Map Legend

These maps displays the number of truck trips per county for different types of disposal. Maps will update as different time periods are selected in the grey panel above.




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These maps shows the total number of vehicle miles traveled (Number of Truck Trips * Number of Miles). The vehicle miles traveled are displayed by road type. The maps display the total distance over the period of record (P2-2010 through P2-2013) and do not update with selections.


U.S. Highway

State Highway

Local Roads

These maps show the estimated cost for road repair and the funds generated through Act 13. Click on a county to see repair costs by road class.

Estimated Road Cost (Low)

Estimated Road Cost (High)

Act 13 Funds

Data are available for download in JSON format, grouped by map name and tabs.

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