March 23, 2021

Clean Energy Plan Target Attainable: Study

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

The electric power sector is changing, and North Carolina is in the position to shift to cleaner, cost-effective energy production that can reduce pollution, according to a report released earlier this month.

The report studied carbon-reduction policies to achieve emissions goals for the power sector set in the state's Clean Energy Plan. Co-author Kate Konschnik, director of the Nicholas Institute's Climate and Energy Program, spoke with Coastal Review Online about the report's findings.

“How we make and use electricity is changing, and with that change comes an enormous opportunity to shift into cleaner sources of power, to protect our watersheds, air quality and public health," Konschnik said. "I hope the report conveys that we have options at this moment—there is no one cost-effective way to reduce pollution from the electric power sector.”