The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions serves as a portal to relevant research from the faculty and professional staff of Duke University and from the best minds around the world, including our network of leading practitioners.

When you support the Nicholas Institute, you help us continue to seed, coordinate, and communicate the first-class research that makes environmental action more effective.

The Nicholas Institute is dedicated to helping you achieve environmental goals. We conceive of our partnerships with donors and sponsors as truly collaborative. We know that the people and organizations that support environmental policy research also make environmental policy decisions whether through sustainability activities or through philanthropy. Indeed, many of our financial supporters are setting the environmental policy agendas for entire sectors. The Nicholas Institute not only provides reliable answers, but can help frame the right questions.

The Nicholas Institute is well known for shaping policy options in the public sector, but our staff and affiliated faculty also have a track record of guiding corporations through evolving geopolitical scenarios and establishing baseline metrics for foundations to measure the effectiveness of their grant making. 

Please contact us to learn more about our unique approach to partnerships and how investing in the Nicholas Institute can help provide clear, trustworthy, and timely information about the most urgent environmental issues.


Tim Profeta

K. Emerson Beyer
Associate Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations