• Study Finds Impacts to Coral Reefs Underestimated

    In the journal Frontiers in Marine Science the Nicholas Institute’s Linwood Pendleton, along with co-authors, report that evidence is stacking up to suggest that impacts to coral reefs may be underestimated. By themselves, current scientific studies do not fully capture the complexity or number of environmental changes the reefs face.

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  • Mass-Based Trading with the Clean Power Plan

    Assuming the Clean Power Plan (CPP) survives judicial review, states may use mass-based trading programs to implement federal carbon dioxide standards for existing power plants to meet CPP requirements. A new paper describes the choices and their effects as well as explores potential goals and the allowance allocation methods best suited to achieve them.

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  • States' Implementation of EPA's Clean Power Plan: What are the Prospects and Options?

    Watch video of Nicholas Institute Climate and Energy Program director Jonas Monast discuss how the recent Supreme Court stay affects the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan.

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  • Doubling the Value of Water in the West

    Discussion of water reform in the western U.S. has thus far failed to explore opportunities to increase the value of water rights. In Water Economics and Policy, Mike Young reflects on lessons from Australia’s search for a water rights that could increase the contribution water makes to the economy, the environment, and communities.

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  • Coal-to-Gas Transition Alters Pennsylvania Water Consumption

    Extraction of coal and natural gas and power generation from both fuels contributed to a yearly 2.6 to 8.4 percent increase in water consumption in Pennsylvania from 2009 to 2012. However, impacts varied across the state as some areas experienced no change or large decreases in water conumption, according to a new working paper.  

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  • Multiple Stressors and Ecological Complexity Require a New Approach to Coral Reef Research

    Ocean acidification, climate change, and other environmental stressors threaten coral reef ecosystems and the people who depend upon them. New... Read More
  • Mass-Based Trading under the Clean Power Plan: Options for Allowance Allocation

    Many states are considering mass-based allowance trading programs to meet federal Clean Power Plan (CPP) requirements. Under a mass-based trading... Read More
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  • Spring 2016 Seminar Series: Michael Dworkin

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  • A Learning Session to Evaluate the RGGI Cost-Containment Reserve

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