• Strengthening Governance of Small-Scale Fisheries

    Small-scale fisheries governance

    Small-scale fisheries' contribution to nutrition, food security, and poverty eradication is massive. A new report surveys the theory and practice of their governance.

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  • Impact investing

    Impact Investing

    What are investors getting out of environmental impact investing? A new report sheds light on how fund managers think about measurement and reporting of environmental returns.

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  • Value of public water data

    Value of Public Water Data

    In an ongoing effort with the Aspen Institute to develop the foundations of an Internet of Water, a new Nicholas Institute working paper reviews the literature on the costs and benefits of government investments in public water data.

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  • Increasing emissions certainty

    Increasing Emissions Certainty

    Could a federal carbon tax serve as an effective method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Brian Murray, Billy Pizer, and Christina Reichert examine the tradeoff between certainty about emissions and certainty about prices and costs.

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  • Internet of Water

    Internet of Water

    A report from the Aspen Institute Dialogue Series on Water Data presents a vision for a national policy framework that addresses institutional barriers to scaling the integration of water data and information to support sustainable water management.

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  • Ecosystem services keynote slide by Lydia Olander

    Ecosystem Services Keynote Address

    Ecosystem Services Program director Lydia Olander delivered the keynote address at Ecosystem Services: From Concept to Policy in Washington, D.C. on May 19, hosted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science & Technology Policy Fellowships.

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  • Data and Modeling Infrastructure for National Integration of Ecosystem Services into Decision Making: Expert Summaries

    Resource managers face increasingly complex decisions as they attempt to manage for the long-term sustainability and the health of natural... Read More
  • Strengthening Governance of Small-Scale Fisheries: An Initial Assessment of the Theory and Practice

    Small-scale fisheries (SSFs), most of which are found in developing countries, have been poorly measured at a global level, and they have often... Read More
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  • Webinar: Canadian Ecosystem Services Toolkit

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  • July 20, 2017
    California Extends Its Cap-and-Trade Program
  • July 13, 2017
    Extension of California’s Cap-and-Trade Program Entails Tough Balancing Act

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