• New Analysis Examines Clean Power Plan Costs

    A new paper uses the Nicholas Institute’s Dynamic Integrated Economy/Energy/Emissions Model to evaluate Clean Power Plan impacts on the U.S. generation mix, emissions, and industry costs. It indicates that industry trends are likely to make Clean Power Plan compliance relatively inexpensive, with cost increases of 0.1% to 1.0%. 

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  • Clean Power Plan: Cost Distribution Impacts

    Assuming the Clean Power Plan survives judicial review, utilities and other power producers are likely to be in different positions--some will benefit from the rule and others will face costs to comply. A new Nicholas Institute policy brief explores the distributional impacts of choosing rate- and mass-based approaches to comply with the rule.

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  • Contributions of LiDAR to Ecosystem Service Planning and Markets

    A new Nicholas Institute paper reviews the drivers and co-benefits of expanded light detection and radar (LiDAR) data investment and presents a case study of forest carbon markets in California to illuminate how this investment compares to investment in the acquisition of field sampling and other data. 

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  • North American Climate Policy Forum

    Sustainable Prosperity, the University of Ottawa, the Nicholas Institute, and the Duke University Energy Initiative recently partnered to host the North American Climate Policy Forum. The forum brought together some of the world's pre-eminent climate policy thinkers for dialogue on climate policy design, low-carbon technology, and innovation policy. 

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  • Pacific Possible: Tuna Fisheries

    A new World Bank report, co-authored by the Nicholas Institute's John Virdin, says better management of tuna fisheries can help Pacific Island countries gain as much as $344 million per year in additional sustainable revenues and create 7,500 to 15,000 jobs by 2040.

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  • Ongoing Evolution of the Electricity Industry: Effects of Market Conditions and the Clean Power Plan on States

    The electricity industry is evolving as changes in natural gas and coal prices, along with environmental regulations, dramatically shift the... Read More
  • Cost Distribution Impacts of Clean Power Plan Compliance Pathways

    Under the Clean Power Plan, different utilities and power producers are likely to be in different positions: some will benefit from the rule, and... Read More
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  • New Analysis Examines Clean Power Plan Costs

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  • New Directions in the Analysis of Environmental Justice

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  • Energy Efficiency and Clean Power Plan Compliance

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    Survey, Party Platforms Reveal Deep Divide on Climate Change
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    Study Quantifies Climate-Change-Related Deaths

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