• Paris Climate Conference: Resources and Experts

    Duke experts will attend and participate in side events at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (Nov. 30-Dec.11), where a global climate deal will be negotiated.

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  • U.S. Federal Government Sends Agencies to Bat for Nature, People

    The Nicholas Institute's Lydia Olander co-authors a post on the Cool Green Science blog about how federal agencies must now consider the value of ecosystem services in decision making. 

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  • Report Presents Blueprint for Western U.S. Water Rights

    Nevada and other states are struggling to balance population growth with limited water supplies. A Nicholas Institute report gives a blueprint to guide legal reforms to address water scarcity across the U.S. It explains "unbundling" of water rights and shares case studies at two Nevada sites.

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  • Protected Areas Save Mangroves, Reduce Carbon Emissions

    Protected areas not only keep significant swaths of Indonesia’s shrinking mangrove habitats intact, but also prevent emissions of carbon dioxide that would have been released had these mangroves been cleared, according to a study in the journal Ecological Economics.

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  • RGGI Trading Program Linked to Significant Emissions Reductions

    The emissions trading program in the northeastern U.S. to limit carbon dioxide emissions from the electric power sector is responsible for about half the region’s emissions reductions – an amount far greater than reductions achieved in the rest of the country, according to a new Energy Economics study. 

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  • Celebrating 10 Years of Environmental Policy Impact

    Tim Profeta announces Nicholas Institute retrospective: Ten Years of Environmental Policy Impact

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  • Alternative Metrics for Comparing Domestic Climate Change Mitigation Efforts and the Emerging International Climate Policy Architecture

    The availability of practical mechanisms for comparing domestic efforts aimed at mitigating global climate change is important for the stability,... Read More
  • British Columbia’s Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax: A Review of the Latest “Grand Experiment” in Environmental Policy

    In 2008, British Columbia implemented the first comprehensive and substantial carbon tax in North America. By 2012, the tax had reached a level of... Read More
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  • News Tip: Experts Available for Comment on Paris Climate Conference

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  • Dominion Airs Hopes for Va. State Compliance Plan ($)

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  • Market Mechanisms with “Bottom up” Climate Agreements – Opportunities for Linking Jurisdictions

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  • Market Tools to Support Forest Action

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  • November 19, 2015
    Tougher Rules for Pollution That Crosses State Lines
  • November 12, 2015
    Saudi Arabia Joins Climate Change Effort

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