• North Carolina Wetland and Stream Mitigation

    The Clean Water Act allows use of compensatory mitigation to replace the benefits of lost wetlands and streams. A new Nicholas Institute working paper summarizes North Carolina’s use of preservation for compensatory mitigation by private mitigation banks and a state-operated in-lieu fee program.

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  • Blue Carbon Financing

    A report co-authored by Nicholas Institute researchers explores the potential of international carbon finance mechanisms to fund mangrove conservation along the coast of West, Central, and Southern Africa that is covered by the Abidjan Convention. It examines the scale of economic benefits that this conservation might provide.

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  • The Future of Sustainable Business

    In a blog post for Thrive, our own Lydia Olander and her co-authors emphasize how cross-sector collaboration is the future of sustainable business. They discuss a new initiative, the Bridge Collaborative, which is connecting the health, environment, and development communities to develop the evidence for results that support shared solutions to global challenges. 

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  • Regulating Greenhouse Gases with NAAQS

    A new paper examines the opportunities and challenges associated with regulation of greenhouse gases under the NAAQS program, drawing a comparison with the Clean Power Plan’s approach under a different section of the Clean Air Act. Though a program under NAAQS wouldn’t mirror the Clean Power Plan, it could support many of its key provisions.

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  • Decarbonizing the U.S. Power Sector

    A new paper describes U.S. power sector trends and relevant environmental goals. It examines obstacles to technology innovation and offers ideas from a range of experts on how to overcome these challenges to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals and accelerate innovation to advance low-carbon generation. 

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  • A Survey of Landowner Attitudes and Conservation Practitioner Networks about Ecosystems Services in the GCPO

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  • Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative Second Annual Conference and Energy Mix

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    Trump Evaluating Stance on Paris Agreement
  • April 20, 2017
    EPA Administrator Says United States Should Exit Paris Agreement

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