• Increasing emissions certainty

    Increasing Emissions Certainty

    Could a federal carbon tax serve as an effective method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Brian Murray, Billy Pizer, and Christina Reichert examine the tradeoff between certainty about emissions and certainty about prices and costs.

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  • Internet of Water

    Internet of Water

    A report from the Aspen Institute Dialogue Series on Water Data presents a vision for a national policy framework that addresses institutional barriers to scaling the integration of water data and information to support sustainable water management.

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  • Ecosystem services keynote slide by Lydia Olander

    Ecosystem Services Keynote Address

    Ecosystem Services Program director Lydia Olander delivered the keynote address at Ecosystem Services: From Concept to Policy in Washington, D.C. on May 19, hosted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science & Technology Policy Fellowships.

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  • G20 Ocean Governance

    G20 Ocean Governance

    The authors of a G20 policy brief describe oceans as the largest and most critical ecosystem on Earth—hence their proposal for a global ocean governance process to ensure oceans' ecologically and economically sustainable management.

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  • North Carolina Wetland and Stream Mitigation

    The Clean Water Act allows use of compensatory mitigation to replace the benefits of lost wetlands and streams. A new Nicholas Institute working paper summarizes North Carolina’s use of preservation for compensatory mitigation by private mitigation banks and a state-operated in-lieu fee program.

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  • Estimating the Value of Public Water Data

    Public water data, such as river flow from stream gauges or precipitation from weather satellites, produce broad benefits at a cost to the general... Read More
  • Increasing Emissions Certainty under a Carbon Tax

    Various organizations and individuals have proposed that the United States consider use of a carbon tax as the primary federal policy to reduce... Read More
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  • Q&A: Increasing Emissions Certainty under a Carbon Tax

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  • Duke, Durham React to U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

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  • Webinar: Valuation of Ecosystem Services from Farms and Forests

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  • CUAHSI Hydroinformatics Conference

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  • June 22, 2017
    Renewables and Grid Reliability Focus of Court Ruling, Report
  • June 15, 2017
    United States Refuses to Endorse G7 Statement on Climate Change

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