• High Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels Threaten Coral Reefs, People

    As atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rise, very few coral reef ecosystems will be spared the impacts of ocean acidification or sea surface temperature rise, according to a new analysis in the journal PLOS One. 

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  • Conservation Finance and Impact Investing for U.S. Water

    A new report from the  2016 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum focuses on the shifting role of public and private financing for water infrastructure and the new universe of innovative financing solutions to create impacts in the water sector. 

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  • Increasing Emissions Certainty under a Carbon Tax

    A new policy brief by Nicholas Institute researchers examines options for increasing emissions certainty under a carbon tax. It discusses mechanisms that could increase emissions certainty under a carbon tax and the challenges and opportunities associated with each.

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  • 2017 Winter Forum

    Co-sponsored by the Nicholas Institute, the 2017 Winter Forum, Power to the People: Tackling Energy Inequality through Clean Energy Solutions, will be held January 8-10, 2017. At the event, students will compete to develop the best solutions for unequal energy access at home and abroad using case analysis and storytelling skills. 

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  • North Carolina Electricity Planning

    A new paper identifies seven drivers of change that could affect traditional electricity planning in North Carolina. It provides decision makers involved in North Carolina's electricity planning with examples from other states to aid them in instituting a comprehensive electricity plan aligned with effective planning principles that builds on past successes.

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  • Groundwater Trading Program

    In Nevada’s Diamond Valley, unsustainable groundwater pumping has decreased the aquifer’s water level, raising irrigators’ pumping costs and threatening the viability of wells and springs. A report co-authored by Nicholas Institute researchers assesses the benefits, costs, and distributional impacts of a groundwater trading program for the valley.

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  • Proposal for Increasing Consistency When Incorporating Ecosystem Services into Decision Making

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  • The Road Toward Clean Power Plan Policy

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  • Greening the Grid: From Investment Banker to Energy Visionary

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  • 2017 Winter Forum: Power to the People: Tackling Energy Inequality Through Clean Energy Solutions

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  • An Accounting Approach to Ecosystem Services for Public and Private Sector Decision Making in the U.S.

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  • December 1, 2016
    Report: Climate Change’s Transformation of Arctic Has Cascading Effects
  • November 17, 2016
    John Kerry Discusses Election, Paris Agreement at COP22

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