March 24, 2021

Grid Resilience Requires Grid Accountability

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Most Americans don’t think much about electricity—where it comes from, how it is made, and what it takes to keep the lights on. But the disastrous events in Texas last month that left millions without power put all eyes on the grid.

As important as it is to assess the physical infrastructure that failed Texas, we also must examine the decisions that govern those plants and wires, according a blog post published by the Niskanen Center.

The post was co-written by four participants in the RTOGov project: Kate Konschnik, director of the Nicholas Institute's Climate and Energy Program; Elizabeth J. Wilson, inaugural director of the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society at Dartmouth College; Seth Blumsack, director of the Center for Energy Law and Policy at Penn State University; and Stephanie Lenhart, senior research associate with the Energy Policy Institute at Boise State University.