February 18, 2021

Reflections: Transition and Growth

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

In a new blog post for the Internet of Water, Lauren Patterson, Senior Policy Associate for the Water Policy Program, writes, "The transition from one year to the next is often a time of reflection. How much more so when the past year, the start of a new decade, has brought such radical disruption and change to our society. In 2020, the world entered into a global pandemic, our country immersed itself into deep conversations around race and equity, rampant fires and repeated tropical storms pummeled regions of the U.S., and a presidential election revealed the nation remains deeply divided. We find ourselves – at a personal, organizational, and cultural level – asking ourselves how did we get here? And, where are we going? These are important, shaping questions that I hope we can all pause and ponder for ourselves. The stories we tell ourselves set our trajectories. My task in a few hundred words is to reflect on those questions for the Internet of Water."