June 24, 2022

Setting Higher Standards for the G-7 Infrastructure (Re)Launch

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

For G-7 nations to successfully advance a just-announced global infrastructure partnership, they must set widely recognized standards, argue Duke University experts Elizabeth Losos and Rob Fetter in a commentary at The Hill.

Losos and Fetter are coauthors of a new Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions report, Building a Common Approach: Global Infrastructure Standards, that maps how three initiatives address this challenge and identifies actions could help each thrive and boost their collective impact.

A related policy brief, Setting Higher Standards: Striving for a Common Approach to Sustainable, Quality Infrastructure, summarizes recommendations for decision makers.

The commentary, report, and brief were coauthored by Losos (Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions) and Fetter (Duke Center for International Development at Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy, Environmental Resources Management). This work was supported by funding from Heinrich Böll Foundation North America.