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Equity and Ecosystem Services Webinar - Part 2

Date and Time
Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Online Webinar
Equity and Ecosystem Services Webinar - Part 2


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By linking nature and people, ecosystem services can be a valuable tool for understanding racial and social justice around natural resource management and environmental degradation. There is no easy recipe for integrating equity in ecosystem services work, but hearing about different ways that people have addressed the interplay between equity and ecosystem services can help us all to think more critically about inequities in our work related to who benefits from ecosystem services, how decisions are made about managing ecosystem services, and what services are prioritized.

The National Ecosystem Services Partnership will be hosting two webinars on equity and ecosystem services as a gateway for the ecosystem services community to start thinking and acting more deliberately on the multiple dimensions of equity and inclusion that play out in ecosystem services research and practice. Join us to hear from members of the NESP community who have focused on different facets of equity in their work, and participate in a conversation about how we can learn from each other to incorporate and act on equity considerations as they relate to ecosystem services.

Part 1 of this webinar series was held September 22, 2-3pm ET. See part 1 details and recording.


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Marta Berbes, Arizona State University, discussing power dimensions of ecosystem services, in particular what are power blind spots in the framing of ecosystem services and how they translate into human well-being.

Kai Chan, University of British Columbia, discussing transformative change and recognition considerations linked to ecosystem services assessments and research.

Bonnie Keeler, University of Minnesota, discussing working with communities— how to get started and what to expect. What are models of healthy community-university partnerships? What are engaged scholarship best practices for equity?