February 7, 2017

Carbon pricing at Duke University - Bass Connections 2016-2017

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Bass Connections is a university-wide initiative launched by a $50 million gift from Anne and Robert Bass. Bass Connections provides both graduate and undergraduate Duke students with greater exposure to inquiry across the disciplines, partnership with unlikely fellow thinkers, sustained mentorship in teams and the chance to experience the intersections of the academy and the broader world.

Energy is one of the five major themes of Bass Connections, who partner with Duke University's Energy Initiative to create projects that cut across business, engineering, policy and science to educate tomorrow's energy leaders.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, Bass Connections challenged students to examine Duke's sustainable future with the Developing Departmental Energy Reports and a Carbon Pricing Program for Duke University project. 

The project's goal was to find ways to measure and influence both individual and institutional change to reduce Duke's carbon footprint in pursuit of the university's 2024 climate neutrality goal. The team developed energy reports for different university departments and researched carbon pricing programs.

Follow the links below to read the students' blog posts documenting their experience.