December 2, 2017

Energy Initiative and Duke Libraries to host CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for Energy Economics

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Duke University has been selected to host a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in data curation for energy economics, funded in part by an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant to the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)

The CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow will be jointly assigned to the Duke University Energy Initiative and the Data & Visualization Services department of the Duke University Libraries. The fellow will work closely with energy economists, engineers and other faculty affiliated with the Energy Data Analytics Lab and in the Libraries' Brandeleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services on data analysis, visualization, management, and curation. The Energy Data Analytics Lab is a partnership among the Energy Initiative (the lab's institutional home), the Information Initiative at Duke, and the Social Science Research Institute

Position responsibilities will include generation of interdisciplinary research as well as synthesis of needs and best practices for energy research data curation. The fellow will collaborate with PIs to identify projects at the intersection of his or her skillset and research interests as well as the needs of both the Energy Data Analytics Lab and the Libraries.

The Energy Initiative, Duke University Libraries, and the Vice Provost for Research have committed matching funding for the position. 

Applicants must have earned a PhD in a relevant field within the past five years. Review additional qualifications and learn more about the fellowship.  The application deadline is December 29, 2017. 

Duke University is among four institutions hosting CLIR Postdoctoral Fellows in data curation for energy economics, along with the University of California, Berkeley; University of Chicago; and University of Texas at Austin.