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Subscribing to Nicholas Institute Newsletters

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Managing Subscriptions or Unsubscribing

Look for the "Update profile" or "Unsubscribe" links at the bottom of any Nicholas Institute email. Or contact us and we will remove you promptly.


We hold the privacy of our community in the highest regard. Your email address will be used only for Nicholas Institute mail and will never be shared. Please see our Privacy Statement for further information.

Troubleshooting Links in Nicholas Institute Email

When clicking email links, you may see a warning stating "uBlock Origin has prevented the following page from loading." (It may look something like the figure below.)

uBlock warning for constant contact email
Example uBlock Origin warning page

Why am I seeing this warning?

Browser ad blocking software, such as uBlock Origin, may flag links from email services like the ones we use. Since these services track email open rates and link clicks, uBlock Origin is protecting your privacy by ensuring you are aware that this is taking place.

How do I proceed to the link I clicked?

You can temporarily or permanently disable blocking by clicking the respective options on the warning page. If you temporarily permit the link to proceed, you will be sent to the link as usual. Next time you click a link from an email (from the Nicholas Institute or otherwise), you will see the warning again. If you permanently permit these links to work, you will not be prompted again.

What information are you tracking?

Link clicks are recorded by our email providers so that we can understand the aggregate use of our newsletters and other mailers. Per our privacy statement, the Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability at Duke University holds the privacy of our community in the highest regard. No personally identifiable information is ever sold or given to third parties. It is only used:

  • for the purpose in which it was submitted
  • to gauge interest in our programs and research
  • to determine usage patterns to improve the usability of our website and emails
  • to track aggregate statistical trends

I prefer not to disable the tracking, even temporarily. How can I see the link anyway?

Anything mentioned in our email should be easily found on our website. If you cannot find what you need, please contact us!

Not Receiving Nicholas Institute Email

If you are not receiving our mailings, you can take a few steps: