North Carolina Energy Efficiency Dashboard

In 2019, the Nicholas Institute at Duke University spearheaded a stakeholder process that culminated in the publication of a North Carolina Energy Efficiency Roadmap. Several of the report’s recommendations called for the collection of data from energy users across the state, to be able to track generalized trends in energy use. Using data from multiple public sources, the Nicholas Institute created the framework for an online performance dashboard for NC energy efficiency metrics in the residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. The dashboard enables users to view aggregated, non-attributable data about energy use and energy intensity in the state.

Click the arrow in the bottom right of the frame to view the dashboard in full-screen mode.

If you manage your properties using EPA Portfolio Manager and would like to participate in this initiative, please sign in to report your data through Portfolio Manager External link. For more information on how to use EPA Portfolio Manager to benchmark your property’s energy use, please visit the EPA Portfolio Manager website External link.

The Nicholas Institute will continue to update the dashboard using a consistent set of data sources from the aforementioned four sectors to provide accurate energy use trend analysis. We are looking for annual building energy use data from 2015 to 2020 on an aggregated level. If you are aware of additional publicly available data sources or have feedback on the dashboard, please email Jen Weiss.