Freshwater Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment: The Indrawati Sub-Basin, Nepal

Author(s): Ryan Bartlett, Sarah Freeman, Jonathan Cook, Bhawani S. Dongol, Roshan Sherchan, Moon Shrestha, and Peter G. McCornick

Published: July 2011

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Publication Type: Report

This report is part of a project of WWF Nepal and the Nepalese Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS). It outlines the discussions and conclusions of three workshops held in Nepal to determine the vulnerability of the Indrawati sub-basin to the impacts of climate change and development within the context of climate change vulnerability at the national level. Held over the course of four days in Kathmandu and in the Sindhupalchok district headquarters of Chautara, the workshops brought together a diverse group of more than 60 participants, including Nepali national experts, local bureaucrats, and most importantly, local water users and subsistence farmers with direct knowledge of resource management issues in the basin.