June 26, 2023

Nicholas Institute, Partners Launch Information Portal for Electric Transportation Opportunities in Southeast

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Development of the portal–in collaboration with Georgia Tech and the SETRI network–was recently recognized as part of the White House Electric Vehicle Acceleration Challenge

The Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability at Duke University, in collaboration with the Georgia Tech Strategic Energy Institute, has launched an online hub that highlights timely opportunities and upcoming events related to transportation electrification in the Southeast. 

Hosted by the Southeast Electric Transportation Regional Initiative (SETRI), the Southeast Portal for Electric Transportation Opportunities aggregates and increases the visibility of active federal, state, university and other private and public funding sources; comment solicitations; research opportunities; events; and other participatory efforts to advance transportation electrification in the region. In April, the White House Electric Vehicle (EV) Acceleration Challenge recognized development of the portal as an example of private and public investments aimed at speeding up production and adoption of affordable EVs.

“Electrification of the transportation sector is moving forward at a rapid pace in the Southeast, with substantial public and private sector actions to advance manufacturing, workforce development, EV adoption and charging infrastructure,” said SETRI co-facilitator Trey Gowdy, a research lead at the Nicholas Institute. “It can be challenging to keep track of all the major policy developments, procurement solicitations and other participation opportunities. We intend for this tool to provide the region’s residents, community organizations, local governments, businesses and more with easier access to information about the numerous transportation electrification activities available.”

The portal focuses primarily on opportunities and events in 12 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Users are encouraged to contribute items through the website, which is managed by the Nicholas Institute.

Potential users for the portal could include:

  • Individuals or community organizations looking to engage with state or local governments on EV-related issues, who will be able to find public comment opportunities
  • Companies or other organizations seeking active EV business opportunities, who can access requests for proposals from multiple government jurisdictions across the region
  • Local governments and regional planning organizations searching for EV program examples of similar agencies to adopt emerging best practices
  • Students, early-career individuals and career switchers exploring a rapidly growing field, who will be able to find relevant events
  • Individuals or organizations looking to find EV ride-and-drive events

"Through our new portal, SETRI is taking a proactive step to improve coordination within the region,” said Richard Simmons, director of research and studies at the Georgia Tech Strategic Energy Institute. “This tool aims to help Southeastern partners locate and share timely info, such as funding opportunities and details of state NEVI plans, as well as research studies and events that are relevant to the smart advancement of transportation electrification in the Southeast."  

Started in 2021, SETRI is a voluntary, nonpartisan collaboration of dozens of stakeholders working to accelerate transportation electrification in the Southeast through EV adoption, equitable charging infrastructure, manufacturing and more. The network is co-facilitated by Duke's Nicholas Institute and Georgia Tech Strategic Energy Institute in collaboration with steering committee partners. The network includes vehicle manufacturers, charging station providers, supply chain companies, electric utilities, fleet managers, universities, Clean Cities coalitions, governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations.

The Southeast Portal for Electric Transportation Opportunities is available on SETRI’s website at southeastev.org/opportunities

Work on this project is supported by Energy Foundation.