February 3, 2022

Rising to the Moment

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

In schools and departments across the university, Duke scholars explore climate change dynamics through the physical and biological sciences, examine the public health effects of climate change, find new policy approaches to mitigate climate risks, design new materials needed for clean energy sources and work to understand the deeper meaning of climate change’s fundamental causes and societal consequences. The university is also connecting with communities to gain insights that will help ensure the climate solutions of the future are just and equitable.

“Duke is not new to the game when it comes to climate change and sustainability,” said Brian Murray, director of the newly merged Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and Duke University Energy Initiative. “And we do this in a very interdisciplinary way, going beyond discovery to solutions and beyond the campus to engage directly with those whose decisions matter.”

Duke Today took a look at new opportunities emerging around the university for greater climate impact—with more on the way.