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July 26, 2021

Sustainable Mangrove Management Offers Tangible Benefits to SIDS

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
Sustainable Mangrove Management Offers Tangible Benefits to SIDS

Mangrove conservation and restoration in small island developing states (SIDS) can contribute to achieving a range of international targets and commitments, including multiple Sustainable Development Goals. Yet despite their potential for supporting valuable ecosystem services to vulnerable small island communities, mangroves are often sidelined in national and international agendas.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) and Duke University have joined forces to support advancement in mangrove restoration in SIDS. In a commentary for the SDG Knowledge Hub, Tibor Vegh, senior policy associate in the Ocean & Coastal Policy Program of Duke's Nicholas Institute, and Kenichi Shono, forestry officer in FAO's Forestry Division, write about the support needed from governments to reverse mangrove loss in these countries.