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Emerging Environmental Issues Survey

Emerging Environmental Issues Survey

About the Survey

Duke University's Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability and North Carolina State University conducted a pilot Emerging Environmental Issues Survey in spring 2017 to better understand how a broad cross-section of thought-leaders at private corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, universities, and other organizations think about emerging environmental trends, risks, and opportunities. By virtue of their personal and professional experience, these individuals are uniquely qualified to foresee new and developing environmental issues as, or even before, they arise.

The Questions

The survey includes a variety of questions specifically designed to assess both the reach and the manageability of perceived environmental change. Questions also examine how environmental thought-leaders are staying informed on environmental issues and the tools and approaches they are using to respond to new developments. 

How Can Stakeholders Use it?

The survey provides unique insight into upcoming environmental problems, allowing stakeholders to mount more effective responses: Businesses may make more informed investment decisions, policy makers can craft more proactive policy solutions, nonprofits can be more effective in their outreach and implementation, and researchers can better leverage their work in the service of society.

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