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Stormwater Management – Gray Infrastructure

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Stormwater Management – Gray Infrastructure

Grey infrastructure for stormwater management refers to a network of water retention and purification infrastructure (such as pipes, ditches, swales, culverts, and retention ponds) meant to slow the flow of stormwater during rain events to prevent flooding and reduce the amount of pollutants entering waterways.

Restoration projects for grey infrastructure typically do not focus on the entire stormwater management system, but rather on enhancing, repairing, removing, or installing new infrastructure in ways that will optimize the efficiency of the system and reduce the likeliness of flooding or polluting waterways during and after storm events. As such, restoration projects can focus on the repair or maintenance of, addition, or removal of ditches, weirs, culverts, storm drains, and stormwater retention ponds/basins. These interventions can also restore hydrological pathways.

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