Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Mapping the Current and Future Supply and Demand of Ecosystem Services in the Carolinas

Date and Time
Monday, October 29, 2018 - 2:45 p.m. to 3:05 p.m.
The Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, 1101 Lincoln Street, Columbia, SC 29201


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Katie Warnell, policy associate at Duke University's Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, will discuss "Mapping Current and Future Supply and Demand of Ecosystem Services in the Carolinas" at the 2018 Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference on October 29.

Ecosystem services, the benefits that natural ecosystems provide to people, influence a range of human activities in North and South Carolina. In order for an ecosystem service to be provided, there must be both a supply of the relevant ecosystem product or process and a demand for that product or process. For example, abundant trout in a mountain stream do not contribute to recreational fishing if the stream is hundreds of miles from anyone interested in fishing. Both the supply of and demand for many ecosystem services are likely to be affected by changes in climate and land use, resulting in shifts in ecosystem service provision.

This talk will discuss an ongoing project that uses spatial mapping of the supply and demand for a variety of ecosystem services in the Carolinas to understand the current distribution of ecosystem services and how future climate and land-use changes may cause changes in ecosystem service provision.  

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