Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Katie Warnell

Senior Policy Associate, Ecosystem Services Program


Katie Warnell focuses on enhancing natural resource management to benefit both nature and people by ensuring decision-makers have access to relevant and timely data. Her recent and ongoing projects include natural capital accounting, spatial mapping of ecosystem services, quantifying carbon benefits of natural climate solutions, identifying opportunities for ecosystem management with climate and resilience benefits, synthesizing literature on the effects of management activities on biodiversity and carbon, and evaluating and developing metrics for socioeconomic outcomes of restoration projects. Warnell holds a master of environmental management degree and geospatial analysis certificate from Duke University.

Katie recommends:

Finding the Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard introduces readers to the complex and interdependent lives of forests and the organisms living within them, including their ability to communicate, cooperate, and adapt to changing conditions. Simard, a forest ecologist, interweaves her own story with that of the forests, pointing to larger questions about the role of scientific inquiry and humanity’s relationship with the natural world.