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Conservation Planning Tools for North Carolina’s People and Nature
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Conservation Planning Tools for North Carolina’s People and Nature

Conservation organizations and land trusts in North Carolina are increasingly focused on how their work can 1) contribute to humans’ and ecosystems’ resilience and adaptation to climate change, and 2) directly mitigate climate change through carbon storage and sequestration.

In response, the Conservation Trust for North Carolina and the Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability at Duke University have developed two online tools to help organizations consider a broad suite of conservation benefits in their work in North Carolina.

The Conservation Prioritization Tool helps identify the places within North Carolina that best match a suite of user-selected conservation benefits, ranging from forest carbon sequestration to climate resilience and more. The Benefits Calculator estimates conservation benefits for specific properties.



The Introduction & User’s Guide StoryMap walks through the tools’ functionality and provides details on the data sources used.



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Enhancing Conservation Benefits for People and Nature in North Carolina: Introducing Two New Online Tools webinar flier

View this webinar to get a demonstration of these tools from the project team and learn more about how they can help your organization incorporate a range of conservation benefits into your planning and reporting.

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