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North Carolina Natural and Working Lands

North Carolina Natural and Working Lands

When managed sustainably, natural and working lands—including farms, forests, and wetlands—can store carbon, enhance community and ecosystem resilience, and provide many other social, economic and environmental benefits. In collaboration with the North Carolina’s Natural and Working Lands (NWL) stakeholder group External link, the Nicholas Institute helped to develop maps and recommendations for the Natural and Working Lands Action Plan related to managing lands in the state to enhance carbon and resilience benefits.  Following the NWL Action Plan’s release in 2020, the Nicholas Institute continues to work on making NWL-related information accessible to the public and improving the maps and data available to inform NWL management in North Carolina.

NWL Action Plan

Read the North Carolina NWL Action Plan and access the data and maps used to inform plan recommendations.


Explore the status and benefits of NC’s natural and working lands with interactive dashboards.

Pocosins Mapping

Identify targets for pocosin wetland restoration based on artificial drainage and vegetation changes.