Ocean & Coastal Policy Program

Hundreds of millions of people depend on the world’s oceans and coastal resources for their food and economic livelihood. What policies will ensure that these resources continue to meet their needs?

Hundreds of millions of people around the world depend on the ocean’s resources for food, jobs and shelter, yet many of these resources are threatened by overfishing, loss of natural habitats, pollution and now climate change and ocean acidification. The Ocean and Coastal Policy Program at Duke’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions focuses on helping to develop and implement policies promoting a healthy ocean for shared prosperity.

With partners across the world, the program is assisting policy makers to find new opportunities for success in ocean and coastal management, for example, in the management of deep-sea mineral resources.

In the area of coastal policy, research focuses on identifying how preservation of habitats such as mangroves and salt marshes could be an important step to curbing climate change. The Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum, a partnership that includes the Ocean and Coastal Policy Program, facilitates the exchange of ideas and solutions among federal-level decision makers charged with managing sustainable fisheries in a changing world.