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FibreFree was 40% efficient at prelimiary testing. If one in ten U.S households were to use FibreFree, it could spare the ocean of 35 million plastic bottles of microfiber pollution annually (FibreFree, n.d.).


Chou, A. (2018, February 15). Fibre Free founders can help change your carbon footprint, one load of laundry at a time. Blackstone LaunchPad.; Dunbar, A. (2017, October 2). Invention Designed by SU Engineering Students Selected as a Finalist for the James Dyson Award | Syracuse University News. Syracuse University News.
Non-peer-reviewed Effectiveness

FibreFree. (n.d.). FibreFree. Retrieved November 7, 2022, from


* Year designates the year invented; if the year invented was unavailable, the earliest year that an article about the technology was published was used.