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The Litterboom Project

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Non-peer-reviewed Effectiveness

In 1.5 years, the river boom collected 300,000 kgs of plastic (About the Project, 2020). It collects over 33,000 lbs of plastic every month (Caboz, 2020). It collected 700 kg to 1 ton of plastic each day (Obare, 2021).


About the Project. (2020). TheLitterboomProject.
Non-peer-reviewed Effectiveness

Caboz, J. (2020). Floating litter booms are now on Cape Town’s rivers to help fight plastic waste. Business Insider South Africa.; Obare, R. (2021, January 26). The Litterboom Project. Panorama: Solutions for a Healthy Planet.


* Year designates the year invented; if the year invented was unavailable, the earliest year that an article about the technology was published was used.