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SCG Litter Trap

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Effectiveness or Ecological Impact

Non-peer-reviewed Effectiveness

SCG Litter Traps could intercept over 40 tons of garbage in total and has a maximum capacity of 700 kg per day (scginnovation, 2020).


‘Litter trap’ a success blocking trash from the sea. (2019, June 25). The Nation Thailand.; SCG’s Floating Litter Trap to Prevent Marine Debris Entering Oceans at Rayong Estuaries and Samut Sakhon Canals. (2019, July 30). SCG.
Non-peer-reviewed Effectiveness

scginnovation. (2020, July 3). SCG-DMCR Litter Trap: SCG’s Innovative Solution to Marine Waste Problems. SCG Innovation.


* Year designates the year invented; if the year invented was unavailable, the earliest year that an article about the technology was published was used.