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Plastics Technology

Unnamed Invention by Fionn Ferreira

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Effectiveness or Ecological Impact

Peer-reviewed Effectiveness

The highest microplastic extraction percentage is 97.312% (Yeo and Julaihi, 2021).


ering-the-pacific-ocean-isnt-working. Bendix, A. (2019, August 1). An 18-year old has found a way to use “magnetic liquid” invented by NASA to remove harmful microplastics from water. Business Insider.; Nace, T. (2019). Irish Teen Wins 2019 Google Science Fair For Removing Microplastics From Water. Forbes.; Ferreira, F. (2020, August 6). What is Fionn About. Fionn Ferreira.
Peer-reviewed Effectiveness

Yeo, L. S., & Julaihi, M. R. M. (2021). Magnetic Ferrous Fluid for Microplastics Extraction Application.


* Year designates the year invented; if the year invented was unavailable, the earliest year that an article about the technology was published was used.