Learning, Evaluation, and Planning: Discussions from the 2018 Forum

Authors: Katie Latanich and Kim Gordon

Published: January 2019

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Publication Type: Proceedings

The 2018 Forum convened by the Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum (Fisheries Forum) explored the role of learning, evaluation, and planning in the regional fishery management council process. In the increasingly complex federal fisheries management process, councils must use their finite resources strategically to achieve their goals and objectives. The Forum explored methods for instilling strategy into the council process through short-term planning, setting goals and objectives, evaluation, and long-term planning. Discussions also examined opportunities to build strategic capacity at the individual and institutional levels.

The 2018 Forum was the 16th and final forum hosted by the Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum. From 2008–2018 the Fisheries Forum convened a series of forums for council members, council staff, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries staff. Each forum focused on a topic with regional and national relevance. The forums were a unique opportunity for managers to explore emerging issues and questions and to share ideas and information across management regions.