Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
April 2021

Resilience Roadmap: The Urgent Need for Climate Resilience Action

Resilience Roadmap: The Urgent Need for Climate Resilience Action

Building our nation’s resilience is an urgent priority. Our vulnerability to the stresses and shocks of climate change threatens US food, energy, water, transportation, and health security, imperiling our economy and our very well-being as a nation.

Our economy has never been more vulnerable to climate disasters such as droughts, flooding, storms, wildfires, and extreme weather like hurricanes and arctic storms. The consequences of this fragility disproportionally affect those already vulnerable or marginalized by structural economic, social, racial, and environmental inequities.

The Biden-Harris Administration’s ambitious commitment to tackle the climate crisis offers a timely and unprecedented opportunity to address this need—mobilizing the government and the American people to build greater climate resilience through new, high-quality jobs, guided by principles of equity and environmental justice to fuel lasting economic growth and national security. The Resilience Roadmap project seeks to seize upon this opportunity by offering actionable recommendations to inform the federal government’s national resilience efforts.